Our society aims to : 1. Develop the research and use of biotechnological drugs in Turkey. 2. Develop and encourage the national and international collaboration among different parties. 3. Give guidance on the development and use of biotechnological drugs. 4. Give current and update information 5. Bring different sides of the subject in symposia, conferences, meetings, etc.

UJPAH, a bi-annual Journal for the benefits of the young researchers at large covers research on Phytochemistry and Allied Sciences (Microbial/natural products). Published by the Management of Universities Journal of Phytochemistry and Ayurvedic Heights

The British Society of Toxicological Pathology (BSTP) was founded in 1985 as an organisation primarily for pathologists working in the field of toxicological pathology. The BSTP are a non-profit-making organisation and a Registered UK Charity. The aim of the BSTP is to advance all aspects of toxicologic and experimental pathology for pathologists, toxicologists and bioscientists though training programmes and continuing educational symposia so as to enable professional development, competence and guidance for new trainees and experienced members alike.